56 ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard!

by bellhut

56 ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard!

This link showing 56 ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard. Considering my limited use of the whiteboards, other than using them as a projector, I find this really exciting. Flicking through, I found a lot of ideas that would’ve helped my lessons on prac, especially the first one. Number one reads:

#1 – Transform your Handwriting

  • Use SMART recorder tool  to record yourself modeling handwriting.
  • Play back the movie file and step away from the board.
  • Children have an unobscured view of the work.
  • Put the movie on a loop and allow them to watch it over and over as they practice.
  • In Quicktime you can have multiple movies playing in different windows to help differentiate the work.

Considering my most recent attempts at proper cursive writing on a whiteboard (read: shocking), this would’ve been helpful as I could have practiced without 21 students saying “what letter is that meant to be?” and “that’s not how you do an f.” At one point I got so frustrated that when someone complained about not being able to do it, I thought to myself “Don’t worry, neither can I.”

Number 38 is also really interesting. It talks about using the whiteboard as the morning roll, and I think it would work really well in a classroom where students come into the room as they please before the bell, rather than lining up and waiting for the teacher. It involves setting up a virtual classroom with a picture of each of the students, so when the students come to class they can just drag their picture to a grid on the right hand side of the page to show they’re in attendance. 

Working through these slides has given me a bit of inspiration for my next prac and the future!